LUX 13 at Cinema6 –  Arcadia Missa  – 6th of June, 2014. 7pm


Unit 6, Bellenden Road Business Centre SE15 4RF


As part of the Cinema6 programme at Arcadia Missa, artists from the LUX Critical Forum monthly discussion group will present an evening of new moving image work.  Continuing the group’s process of discursive exchange, each artist has made a work that is no longer than three minutes in response to a word or phrase provided by another member of the group.
Katriona Beales/See Yourself from one Angle at a Time | Giles Bunch/”We all live, as far as we know, in the present, and the present in Napal, Tokyo or on Mars can sometimes seem nearer than yesterday morning in one’s kitchen” | Jackie Castellano/Sandwich | Sarah Filmer/Isolation in the Workplace | Katherine Fishman/Trolls | Patrick Goddard/Short Cuts | Liz Helman/Light | Christopher Matthews /Precari | Katherine Meynell/Kissing | Kim Pace/To Wander | Sam Playford-Greenwell/Racket | Annelore Schneider/A Meaningful Space | Vanessa Scully/Akeru|Nicola Stephanie/The universe next door | Neasa Terry/Reflect Yourself |


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